Tyler Williams

Sound. Speed. Story.

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Tyler Williams, author of I Have A Voice, is a country music entertainer and race car driver. A career that almost never was. After performing in front of thousands at Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre at 11 and 12 years old in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Tyler knew he wanted to be an entertainer for life. No one could have predicted how one failed performance at a house party just a few years later would derail his journey of becoming an entertainer. 

For over a decade, Tyler silenced his voice out of fear. No one would be able to see him fail if he played it safe, blending in with the crowd. 

It was during college at The University of Georgia that Tyler turned to racing cars. A place that re-ignited his voice. In an unexpected way he found life on the race track. The NASCAR All-American Series pushed him out of his comfort zone helping him return to the world of entertainment. 

While life on the race track boosted Tyler’s confidence he still struggled to share his voice from the stage. It was during a break-up that Tyler decided it was time to end the hold fear had on his life. After a little encouragement from a friend, Tyler jumped on stage at a local karaoke night. From that moment forward, Tyler began a long journey to rediscover the power of his voice.

After studying at The Company Acting Studio and Jan Smith Studios both in Atlanta, Tyler found the strength to stand on stage and deliver powerful and authentic performances. In the spring of 2016 with his book, I Have A Voice, Tyler released his debut EP titled, Believe Again

The release of the book and EP ignited a fire within Tyler to go deeper than he ever had before, carving a path for music to take center stage. Over the last year Tyler has been writing in Atlanta and Nashville, preparing material for his next release. In the summer of 2017, Tyler signed on Jonathan Roye to produce Good For Me. Good For Me the single and title track of the album were released in the fall of 2017 with the full album following up in January 2018. 

Whether driving fast on the race track, singing country songs or sharing his story as a speaker, Tyler has shown what is possible when you combine powerful beliefs with consistent, bold action. 

Dreams that come true.