Tyler Williams


I write + speak about awakening human potential using sound, speed and story. I sing country music and drive race cars.

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I’m 12 years old. A nameless voice in a choir. Performing under the bright lights of Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre. I’m absolutely terrified. I’m also thrilled. I’ve never felt so alive. That’s when it struck me. I want to be feel this way forever. I’m going to be an entertainer. 

Two years later I find myself on stage again. This time standing in front of an intimate crowd of 12. I am no longer faceless. I am the lead singer in a band. Only this time, I bomb - forgetting the lyrics to the very first song. I fail hard and everyone knows it.

For more than a decade, I felt the shame of that single moment. I was haunted, silencing my voice out of fear. I was alone in my suffering. 

I made a decision to blend in with the crowd. I thought no one would be able to see me fail if I played it safe.

It was during a break-up after college that I decided it was time to end the hold fear had on my life. With a nudge from a friend I jumped on stage at a local karaoke night. And from that moment forward, I began a long journey to rediscover the power of my voice.

I stayed in touch with my high school principal. He knew the journey I was on. He believed I was capable of more. He invited me to speak on stage in front of 400 people. His invitation helped unlock what had been inside all along. It took one person believing in me, giving me permission - to finally go after what was possible… 

Having the strength to stand on stage and deliver a powerful, radically honest performance. 

Like Mr. Hunsberger helped me, I want to see you move from scarcity and dread to confidence and abundance.

I want to see your dreams and innovations come to life, awakening the magic within.

I want to see you living unapologetically.