If It’s Been Done Before It’s Probably Possible

“If it's been done before, it's probably possible.”

My father says this phrase over and over again. As a dentist for over 40 years he’s helped tens of thousands of patients in his career while also training other dentist to tap into their full potential.

Over the last decade, I've worked alongside him helping dentist understand the performance and their potential within the work they do. The phrase if it's been done before it's probably possible is something I heard every time he spoke about dentistry and the possibilities that lie ahead for us all.

He would tell us all like it was they first time we ever heard the story about how he would go out to Arizona and meet with Omer Reed who was a dental consultant.

“Omer would tell us, if it's been done before it's probably possible. And I adopted that phrase and I took it within. And I created a belief that if that one statement is true, that everything in my life that I want to create. I can do it. If I make the decision to go for it.”

Every time he tells that story I see him standing on the shoulders of those who've gone before him. And how they’ve helped him create his future. I found three things happen when you get to stand on those shoulders

1. You See The Possibilities.

When you're not sure if something's been done before. and you've never seen the full potential available you limit the possibilities. You put the brakes on. You hit the red light and you stop. You turn around.

But when you have the mindset and understanding that if someone's done it before, then you know there's a way.

It's probably possible.

So you begin to think about the possibilities. How could we make this happen? You start investigating the potential, the future that you could create.

2. You Realize It's Never About The One Thing. There Is No Magic Bullet.

You understand that as you take action on your ideas. As you move towards the thing that you want to create, the thing that you want to be, the life you want to live, you realize - it's never about the one thing.

It's a series of actions, a series of decisions that are repeated over and over again and within those actions are smaller actions that lead to more actions.

There's never truly one single moment that changes everything.

You feel like it was one single moment that may have changed everything. But you know deep down it was a series of actions over time that took you there.

And it's a series of actions that will take you from where you are now to the next place.

3. You Take Greater Risks.

It’s easier when you know someone's been there before.

You still encounter fear and resistance.

But you're willing to take the risk to go there because you know that there's a way forward. Imagine the first explorers crossing the Atlantic, or the first explorers navigating Mount Everest.

Every single person after the first knows that it's possible because someone has done it. Yes, the way forward may be filled with obstacles and great risk.

But if we take the risk. The reward will be great.

Even if we don't create the final vision of what we thought we wanted to see, the experiences along the way will transform us forever.

It’s all about living from a place of opportunity and the potential ahead.

If it's been done before it's probably possible.