Become Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I didn't want to say it out loud.

You know the moment when you’re at an event and you meet someone new. You’re immediately hit with the inevitable question.

What do you do?

I wanted to lead with my heart. But my mind was afraid to say it out loud. I was scared. Worried what other people might think. I'd been told over and over again, you can't do all of those things.

You must choose one.

If you don't choose one, you'll confuse people. And if you confuse people, you'll never make any progress. Deep down, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what I was supposed to be doing. And if I didn't do it, then I would be turning my back on everything I’d worked so hard for my whole life.

So I made a decision to go all in.

I said, “I’m a country music singing race car driver who writes and speaks about performance potential.” A mouthful right? But it was true. And more important - it was me.

My life is unconventional to some and I am okay with that.

After that night, something profound happened. And it wasn’t just something that happened to me. I began to meet more and more people who were also living an unconventional life.

In these new conversations I found four things happen when you make the choice to go all in.

1. You Set A New Standard

Lindsey Stirling says, “sometimes being different feels a lot like being alone but with that being said, being true to that and being true to my standards, and my way of doing things in my art and my music, everything that has made me feel very different in the end has made me the happiest.

When I read that, I said “yes, that’s it!’

It makes me the happiest when I sing country music and drive race cars. And I love to write and speak about performance potential, the things deep down inside of us that make us come alive, that moves us towards something greater in life, the belief that there's more to what we see and experience every day.

Saying what I did out loud helped me set a new standard,

The expectation now was different. Nothing that didn't fall under the banner, under that title would work for me now. I wasn't just a speaker, I wasn't just a driver, I wasn't just a singer, I wasn't just one of those things, I'm all of them.

What would happen if you went all in and set a new standard?

2. You Establish A Vision

Going all in requires you to see things differently, to look beyond where you are.

You paint a picture of where you want to be, you ask what is this thing going to look like? Whether you do one thing, or multiple things, how does this fit into the life I want to create? Because if I just let this happen, this train is going to derail. And it's going to do real quickly.

But if I have a vision for where I want to go we can begin to build the tracks. And as we build the tracks, as we get momentum, we end up going places.

Going all in helps you establish clarity of vision.

What is this thing going to look like if I'm going to be racing cars and where am I going to sing, where am I going to speak? You begin to craft out a vision for what this life looks like.

You find where relationships fit into the picture, where does family fit in.

And you work towards the vision.

What happens when you establish a vision?

3. You Create Momentum.

Momentum is everything. And it's based on the actions you take from your vision.

Marcus Buckingham said, “Always work hard. Intensity clarifies. It creates not only momentum, but also the pressure you need to feel either friction or fulfillment.”

The beauty of the momentum created is that in the friction or fulfillment, you're going to have decisions to make. Maybe I need to do more speaking and a little less racing, or more racing and a little less music.

And you find the way your life begins to unfold and work for you as you create. As you work your new standard, as you work your vision, and as you create momentum.

Then the magic happens.

4. You Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

Knowing that every day might not go as planned. That everything you see unfolding in your vision may not come to pass.

Because you made the decision to go all in. You take the risks, nothing else will do.

You become comfortable being uncomfortable.

What would happen if you decided to go all in?