I Have A Voice

"Finding and fortifying our voices is so powerful. It awakens what once was sleeping. It strengthens what once was weak. And it inspires all of us into action."

Tyler Williams has known success. He has performed in Atlanta's famed Fox Theatre, raced down Victory Lane as a NASCAR driver, worked on hit film and TV shows, and sang for thousands in packed arenas. But Tyler has also known failure, devastating setbacks, and the pain of lost love. He knows how it feels to be lost, disconnected from himself and his passion.

Tyler tells his story of losing his "voice," navigating life for many years without it, then finding it again—and finding himself in the process. "I Have a Voice" is full of life lessons that people both young and old will recognize. This is a book of hope, challenges and breakthrough moments. Tyler recounts his personal journey and uses his experience to help guide readers back to their own voices without dictating the steps to get there. Those who have lost their purpose, passion and "voice" will find renewal in his words.

Advance praise for I Have a Voice

If you’ve ever succumbed to frustration over not figuring life out; if you’ve ever felt lost in the crowd or that life has somehow past you by, this book is for you. Written from first hand experience, Tyler unveils his story and insights into how to find your voice and, along the way, stand strong and use it to influence others.

Dr. Tim Elmore

Everyday I am learning what my voice is and how it can help others. Tyler has documented his journey with authenticity which will only help you in finding your voice and has encouraged me to share mine.

Jeff Shinabarger
Founder of Plywood People and Author of Yes or No

In I Have a Voice, Tyler Williams taps straight into the heart of success through the account of real life failures. By examining the stories that makeup his voice, Tyler gives you the freedom to explore and build confidence in yours. You will find yourself drawing inspiration and application from every page. From beginning to end, this book will refuel you and give you a new call to action: Find your voice and thrive in it. 

Billy Boughey
President and Director of Experience at Elevate Live Events

Knowledge is power, and the application of that will make you more successful. Learning therefore is one of the most important things we can do to raise our own bar. In his book, Tyler Williams shares his own process of doing exactly that and it can help you to learn more, too.

"Mama" Jan Smith
Owner, Jan Smith Studios

In his new book - I Have a Voice - Tyler delivers his story with raw honesty and intense courage, helping you discover who you are, while showing you how to amplify your voice. Read this book. 

John Sowers
President of The Mentoring Project

Tyler’s journey to find his voice is a familiar one. When I began my comedy career I had to find my voice and how I best connected with an audience in a way that was true to me. If you’re looking to make an impact with your voice, read this book. It has everything... wisdom, humor, adventure, nouns, chapters, and even sentences. 

Aaron Chewning
Comedian, Social Media Influencer

In some aspect of your life, you still need to find your voice to express your true feelings. This book will challenge, empower, and equip you to take that bold step in making sure the world hears your voice!”

Dr. Jarrod Spencer
Sports Psychologist, Mind of the Athlete

Tyler Williams looks honestly at his experiences and how he has transcended his own challenges, and provides some inspiration and wisdom in the process. The notion of happiness being a choice is one Williams expresses throughout this work and underlines in his passages about his experiences in auto racing. He writes candidly about his own dreams and frustrations as he pursued a professional racing career. But rather than dwelling on circumstances outside of his control, Williams shows how the power of one's voice and one's self-definition depends on how one reacts to these circumstances. And there's a dignified victory without a checkered flag in that discovery.

Chris Dyson
Two-Time IMSA / American Le Mans Series Champion, Dyson Motorsports

The story of our lives is an incredible journey and it's often filled with random moments of sheer terror counter-balanced by moments of indescribable serenity. To live a good life, learning from people like Tyler is essential. Everybody can take away dozens of valuable life lessons from him that can improve their situation, their relationships, and overall well-being. Tyler is living an incredible story. Now, you can too. Your story matters.

Brian Fleming
Author, Speaker & CEO of TakeBackYourLife.me